What are the advantages of the hand-held automatic screw tightening machine?

Hand-held automatic screw machine is a small and medium-sized mechanical equipment. With smooth characteristics and reliable quality. It is very common nowadays. Especially in electrical products, electronics industry and its car manufacturing industry is often used. Here is a look at the screw one machine can be applied to a variety of specifications and models of screws, so that the size of the screw has adjustment of the indoor space, for some unique screws, but also has a large actual operation of the indoor space, and can be independently designed. Automatic screw machine is mainly composed of lock system software and feeding system software, feeding part, also known as screw supply and demand balance machine, screw arrangement machine, can arrange screws into a row, improve work efficiency.

screw tightening machine


The track of the automatic screw machine can be pulled out and adjusted at will, the actual operation is convenient, simple and easy to understand, even if the novice is also very easy to get started. Nowadays, the technical development trend of automatic screw machine has already lost the situation of card screws. If there is a missing screw situation, the device will automatically alarm. It is easy to put the screw, if the batch head is put into the orientation of the batch head, the orientation is reduced, and the screw can be pulled out in front of the eye. The vibration drive and feeding system software can be operated separately, and the appropriate timing stop time can be set at will. Compared with the traditional screw tray, each screw can save 1.4 seconds and improve production efficiency by six times.

The above details the characteristics of the automatic screw machine, we have a certain grasp, it can be seen that the actual effect of the automatic screw machine in the work is high, the actual operation is convenient, and the abnormal situation can be fully automatic alarm, we can choose with peace of mind.

Post time: Aug-17-2023