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The Automatic Copper Strip Wire Welding Assembly Machine is a state-of-the-art solution designed to simplify and streamline the welding of copper strips and wires. With its exceptional capabilities, this machine caters to a wide range of welding requirements, accommodating various shapes, thicknesses, and lengths of copper strips and wires. Whether you are working with standard sizes or custom specifications, this machine ensures consistent and precise welds every time.

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One of the standout features of this machine is its user-friendly interface, allowing operators to seamlessly navigate through the welding process. With a simple and intuitive layout, even those with limited welding experience can become proficient in no time. This not only saves valuable training hours but also ensures a smooth workflow within your production environment.

The Automatic Copper Strip Wire Welding Assembly Machine boasts an impressive welding speed that can be easily adjusted to meet your specific production demands. This exceptional flexibility gives you the freedom to optimize the welding process according to your project requirements, ultimately enhancing productivity and resource utilization.

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Soldering Machine Wire Soldering Equipment1
Soldering Machine Wire Soldering Equipment2
Soldering Machine Wire Soldering Equipment3

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    Ordinary Product
    Warranty of core components
    1 Year
    Core Components
    PLC, Engine, Bearing, Motor, Gear
    1 Year
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    Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Other
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    Wire weiding machiine
    AC 110V/220V,50Hz/60Hz
    High Precision
    Automation Equipment


    Item Description Content
    1 Equipment Function a. Roll wire, automatic feeding.
    b. Equipment automatic cutting, peeling, tinning, tin dipping, and automatic soldering(Welding of 1-4 wires is optional).
    c. Can achieve free switching of 4-color wires.
    d. Single direction welding, multi angle welding (Optional).
    e. After welding, the inclination angle of the wire is 0-25 °.
    2 Production capacity and defects Approximately 3000~4000 wires welded per hour.
    3 PCBA board size requirements Can be used within the range of 166-210mm.
    4 Requirements for components around the solder board a. Component height: Within the 1mm range of the solder board, no components higher than 2.6mm are allowed (Except for special circumstances).
    b. PCB board size: 1.5-3mm.
    c. PCB board position: All within the PCB range (Except for special circumstances)
    5 Peeling distance 1. Shortest peeling wire: 13mm.
    2. Maximum peeling length: 170mm.
    3. Peeling length: 2-4mm wire skin.


    Equipment advantages:
    1. Strong universality of equipment: almost all products that meet the travel requirements for wire peeling and cutting, as well as those without dryness during welding, can be universally used.

    2. The processed products have high consistency: cutting, peeling, and welding are all automatically completed by the equipment, and the length of wire and the fullness of solder joints between products will be the same.

    3. Labor saving: Operator can assist in loading and unloading materials on a regular basis, with one person being able to take care of 2 to 3 equipment, without the need for skilled welding workers. Ordinary employees can watch the machine.

    4. High efficiency: A medium configuration equipment with two simultaneous welding lines can weld 2100 wires per hour. High configuration equipment with four simultaneous welding lines can weld 3600 wires per hour.