E-cigarette desktop adsorption type back tobackmagnet and electrode assembly machine

The back-to-back electronic cigarette is a new type of electronic cigarette device, which uses the technology of pressing magnet electrodes to provide users with a more convenient and efficient experience. The pressure magnet electrode technology in back-to-back electronic cigarettes means that a magnet electrode device is set between the cigarette case and the cigarette rod. The device consists of two magnet electrodes, one inside the cigarette case and the other embedded in the bottom of the stem. When the cigarette case and the tobacco rod are docked, the two magnet electrodes will automatically attract together, ensuring the tight connection between the cigarette case and the tobacco rod. The piezo magnet electrode technology brings many advantages. First of all, when using back-to-back e-cigarettes, there is no need to manually connect the cigarette rod and the cigarette case, just connect them back-to-back, and the magnet electrodes will automatically absorb. This automaticscrew tightening machine adsorption method effectively avoids the loosening or falling off problems that may exist in traditional electronic cigarettes. Second, the piezo magnet electrode technology also provides a more stable electrical connection. The adsorption force of the magnet electrode can ensure the unimpeded current transmission between the cigarette box and the cigarette rod, reduce the resistance loss, and improve the stability and performance of the electronic cigarette. In addition, the pressure magnet electrode technology of the back-to-back electronic cigarette also has a good leak-proof design. Since the magnet electrode can be tightly adsorbed, it can effectively prevent the leakage of e-liquid from the interface between the cigarette box and the tobacco rod, keep the flue clean and reduce the waste of e-liquid. In summary, the pressure magnet electrode technology of back-to-back electronic cigarettes provides users with a more convenient, stable and safe experience. Its features such as automatic adsorption, stable electrical connection and leak-proof design make the back-to-back electronic cigarette a new generation of high-quality electronic cigarette products.

Post time: Jul-05-2023