Hand-held automatic screw tightening machine uses advantages and videos

Compared with the locking action of holding the screw in one hand, or holding the electric batch or gas batch in the other hand, the automatic locking screw machine can free a hand, and only one hand needs to lift the driver and align the lock screw with the screw hole. After locking a screw, you only need to lift the driver to align with the next screw hole to lock the screw, and the machine will automatically transfer a screw under the driver at the moment of lifting the driver, waiting for the next screw to be locked, and so on. The use of hand-held automatic locking screw machine has the following advantages


Handheld screw fasten machine with auto feeder (1)
1, hand-held automatic lock screw machine, screw conveying, lock pay in one go, no longer need to take screws by hand. Screw speed 40-60PCS/MIN, greatly improve the production efficiency, save labor, you can play as fast as possible!

2, after each screw, the feeding mechanism will automatically send the screw to the batch nozzle, eliminating the action of grabbing the screw by hand, moving and aligning.

3, as long as the direct alignment of the screw hole, gently press the screw to lock it, no repeated feeding phenomenon, lock a grain to a grain, convenient and quick.

4, can be used with the original electrical batch and wind batch, do not need to buy new electrical batch, wind batch, torque adjustment and your company’s original adjustment mode, save the purchase cost!

5, the electric batch set is quite light, do not worry about increasing the fatigue of workers because the head is too heavy!

6, can be single-machine operation, can also be configured into the assembly line, loading and unloading form. Rapidly improve screw locking quality, greatly improve production efficiency.

7, the handheld lock screw machine is used in the automatic assembly line of the electronics industry, such as mobile phones, hard disks, keyboards, computer DVDS home electric fans electronics, plastics, toys, electrical appliances, communication equipment electrical toy electronics processing plant assembly.

Post time: Jul-25-2023