Hand-held screw tightening machine requirements for screws

The hand-held automatic lock screw machine has nothing to do with the material of the screw, which is different from the traditional gas batch and electric batch. The limitations of the traditional electric batch and gas batch are many, and the magnetic screws need to be attached to the screws, and then the screws are locked against the screw hole. The plastic screws and metal screws without magnetism are not easy to operate.

The hand-held automatic locking screw machine is sent by the feeding system to the screw through the screw tube directly under the lock nozzle, lock a screw at the same time, the next screw is sent to the lock nozzle waiting for the lock to pay the next screw.

It is required that the total length of the screw should be greater than 1.3 times the screw diameter to prevent the screw from turning over during the blowing process, and the total length of the screw should not be greater than 60mmHandheld screw fasten machine with auto feeder (1)


Manual automatic lock screw machine operation precautions
The operation of the automatic hand-held automatic screw locking machine is one step more than that of the multi-axis automatic screw setting machine. The multi-axis type completely has the machine to lock the product screw, the operator only needs to take the product, start the button, the operation is relatively simple, the hand-held automatic lock screw machine also has automatic feeding, automatic material selection, lack of material alarm and other functions, but in the production, the key operation is still carried out by manual, if the operation is wrong, it may cause the card phenomenon. We will list some of the possible problems in the operation of the following:

1. Hold the nail tube in hand

The automatic feeding function of the automatic screw machine is to transport screws through the screw feeding tube. When working, we only need to hold the batch handle to ensure that the screw feeding tube is smooth, and do not hold it together with the screw feeding tube, which will cause the screw feeding tube to deform and jam the screw.

2, the mouth is not hit to the end

The nozzle is not hit to the end, the screw float lock, the sensor has no reaction, the next screw can not be fed normally, the nozzle reaches the set torque, the screwdriver automatically stops working, the sensor is induced, and the material is automatically fed

The hand-held screw machine is an automation equipment developed in accordance with the habits of manual operation, and it will not card material as long as we operate normally. The above are two serious manual errors, as long as the normal operation can be efficient and fast to complete the screw lock work.

Post time: Jul-26-2023